Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

By Lorraine Hart, President, Ideal Consulting Services, Inc

The recent celebration of Ideal Consulting Services’ 20th anniversary has prompted me to reflect on the past and look into the future.  As I reflected on the past, it was clear to me that there were so many people, companies and organizations that have been part of Ideal’s history as well as my life. In looking back over the past 20 years, I can remember some of the old technologies and the many changes that have occurred.  At the same time I see many consistencies and delight in the friendships that have been part of our history.  And, I am pleased to say that we have been able to embrace the changes and are continuing to move forward. 

I invite you to remember with me and look back over your recent history and the changes you have embraced in forming, building and expanding your businesses. 

Of my memories, the most important are of the people and organizations I worked with over these past 20 years.  As you also look back, I am sure you will realize that there are many people who have been, or are, an important part of your growth.  Whether you are fairly new in business or celebrating a 10th, 20th, 30th or even longer anniversary you can use your history to create your future and continue to move forward. 

Throughout Ideal’s history there has been a consistency in purpose and our basic philosophy in achieving our purpose.  Our purpose is to help our clients achieve a more effective, efficient and profitable business. 

As you plan for moving forward, it will be good to revisit your purpose. My thought is that it may be similar if not the same as it always has been.  It is just the technology and possibly the methods that may have changed. 

I welcome your memories and thoughts. 

Ideal Consulting Services is a business consulting firm with offices in NY, Texas and Florida.  Lorraine is a past president of the NYC, Long Island Chapter of NARI. 


About Lorraine Hart

Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, Inc., has been helping businesses and healthcare practices improve their organizations and become more profitable since 1993. She has written and published numerous articles on business and practice management topics including: Organization, Employees, Sales and Marketing, and Profitability. Lorraine is a past President of the New York City / Long Island Chapter of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Prior to forming Ideal Consulting Services, Lorraine served in an upper middle management position at Grumman Data Systems.
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