Keeping Up With Change

When I look back to 6 – 10 years ago, most of my clients wanted help with organization and employee issues.  Work was plentiful and no one wanted to hear about marketing, so our focus was on structure, organization and efficiency.  As changes in the economy forced many home owners to think twice about remodeling, it meant that many of us had to change our focus to marketing.  For a while it seemed to some of you that finding work was like finding a needle in a haystack.  For those of you who had a fairly balanced approach to business and were pro-active, you were able to survive.  Unfortunately for some, the situation was fatal. Fortunately, the economy has improved, and it is again important to organize your business. Taking the extra time to hire the right people will keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

As we all know, the economy does not represent the only changes that we are faced with.  Many of the changes represent real opportunity for us.  As styles in homes and products change, many of you will have the opportunity to meet the changing needs and wants of your past, present and future customers.  Changing trends in design and changing life styles means that there will always be the opportunity for fulfilling those needs or wants.  Many of us call that “fulfilling the dream (or vision) of our clients.”

In order to take advantage of needs and wants we must find out what they are. Once you know what they want, you will now be in a position to help them fulfill their dream…

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About Lorraine Hart

Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, Inc., has been helping businesses and healthcare practices improve their organizations and become more profitable since 1993. She has written and published numerous articles on business and practice management topics including: Organization, Employees, Sales and Marketing, and Profitability. Lorraine is a past President of the New York City / Long Island Chapter of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Prior to forming Ideal Consulting Services, Lorraine served in an upper middle management position at Grumman Data Systems.
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