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Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, Inc., has been helping businesses and healthcare practices improve their organizations and become more profitable since 1993. She has written and published numerous articles on business and practice management topics including: Organization, Employees, Sales and Marketing, and Profitability. Lorraine is a past President of the New York City / Long Island Chapter of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Prior to forming Ideal Consulting Services, Lorraine served in an upper middle management position at Grumman Data Systems.

Happy New Year!

As we celebrated the holiday season, I am sure we all looked back over this past year and hopefully most of us had blessings to count.  Now with a new year upon us, it is time to look forward to … Continue reading

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Checklist for Business Success

Making a list – checking it twice Our coaching and consulting services can help you with all of the above and more!

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Planning for the New Year

As this year draws to a close, now is a good time to plan your marketing strategy for 2015.  Take a good look at what marketing activities you did this past year, which actions were successful and what you would … Continue reading

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Remodeling to Achieve Your Goals

What comes to mind when we say remodel?  A new kitchen or bathroom perhaps or maybe an extension on someone’s house? Why remodel?  People remodel for a number of reasons: greater functionality or efficiency, more space, aesthetics, and so on.  Often it’s to … Continue reading

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

We  know that satisfied customers translate into more business.  Building customer loyalty is a continual process and studies have shown that happy employees create happy customers. Taking the time to focus on boosting employee satisfaction can help drive sales by providing … Continue reading

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Close More Sales

Probably the biggest topic in sales is closing the sale. Unfortunately, much of the sales advice out there amounts to tricks to close the sale. We often look for ways to sell better, close better, outsell the competition or handle … Continue reading

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Planning for change when it’s not business as usual

It not uncommon to hear the phrase “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” in the home improvement business. This can apply to any area of your business such as marketing, hiring, production, installs etc.  It’s not so unusual to … Continue reading

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Publicize All of Your Good Works

There are so many ways that you can shine.  We all know that doing a really good job for our clients is the best way to shine, but we need to go beyond doing a good job.  And we have … Continue reading

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Is Fear Keeping Your Profits Low?

Often what I find in working with clients is that there is an underlying prevalent fear when it comes to selling, and because of this the sales person drops the price.  Unfortunately when a sales person is or becomes fearful … Continue reading

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Communication is the Key to Sales

No matter how great our products and services are, they won’t do any good if we can’t sell them. I’m sure we have all experienced the frustration of knowing that we could really help a potential customer, but still somehow … Continue reading

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