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Remember to Ask for Reviews

Your company’s website is your most powerful marketing tool.  Being well ranked in search engines is vital to increase customer traffic to your website and give you qualified leads that can be converted to sales. One way to make sure … Continue reading

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Close More Sales

Probably the biggest topic in sales is closing the sale. Unfortunately, much of the sales advice out there amounts to tricks to close the sale. We often look for ways to sell better, close better, outsell the competition or handle … Continue reading

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Communication is the Key to Sales

No matter how great our products and services are, they won’t do any good if we can’t sell them. I’m sure we have all experienced the frustration of knowing that we could really help a potential customer, but still somehow … Continue reading

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Sales Forms as a Valuable Marketing Tool

Most of us use some type of form to collect information about someone wanting to use our services. That form is a valuable tool not only for sales but for future marketing as well. You have the basic questions covered, … Continue reading

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